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World Empire:

The major differences that I see at the end of the American Empire in addition to what Dalio writes about, are a range of issues which are giving rise to a move from nation based Empires to a move towards a WORLD EMPIRE This article takes a look at those elements.
April 21, 2022

I first posted Ray Dalio’s monumental work “The Changing World Order” on the Telegram blog on 4th April 22 – just 3 weeks ago! I have just reposted it, so that it is top of my Telegram list again, on 21st April22.

I strongly recommend that you watch it again, or if you are as serious about this amazing picture of world development, through the lens of Empire, then read the book!

There have been such a torrent of events that have taken place in the world since then, and so many economic tectonic plates are moving, that I have only managed to read the first 20 pages of the 500 page book!!!

END OF NATIONAL EMPIRES, transformation of major elements into real globalisation?

The major differences that I see at the end of the American Empire in addition to what Dalio writes about, are a range of issues which are giving rise to a move from nation Empires to a move towards a WORLD EMPIRE. There has been the rise of :

1. the first instantly available globally accessible library of information (Google),

2. the advent of a plethora of instant global communication mechanisms for Business, social interactions and legal/political purposes. Internet, facebook, Skype, whatsapp etc…., twitter, signal, telegram, u tube etc…

3. Blockchain, which is acting like a very precocious and demanding four year old who believes it has the right to raid the cookie jar at will. Six months ago Grandpa decided to chastise this wild child and locked him up and took some of his access to the cookies away, in the hope that the precociousness will temper him into more appropriate behaviour. I have a feeling that he will mature very quickly into a giant, break out, and totally change his surroundings, to the way he wants.

3.1 The Blockchain mechanism of transacting directly from buyer to seller without a middle man, called peer to peer, which aspect (the most significant one) is still in it’s infancy, or possibly it has not yet quite been born! We are struggling to provide it with it’s first home, because most of us cannot even see how to build it!! Once that has happened the lead casualty will be the FIAT banking community.

3.2 Crypto currencies provide the mechanism to hold wealth/assets/new kind of money in a safe/private non accessible form, in non physical space, with the ability to move in and out of asset classes at the drop of a hat, at almost no cost!! The barriers to entry are currently off-putting to most, the biggest of which is fear, of both the volatility and the new technology, along with the plethora of incomprehensible options. I remember receiving my first IBM desktop in 1981. It took a bit of time and training to break through the barrier to entry, but my life as an accountant was transformed exponentially. A three week process of drawing up annual budgets, was moved to three days, with another day to run a range of alternate option, leading to a hugely better delivery potential (a process that was way beyond the previous possibilities)

3.3 The young Blockchain has just given birth to the next stage, whose gestation period was so short that the half formed baby is already with us, alive and well, and still metamorphosing /growing like a lizard that can regrow it’s tail, except that it is growing new and varied limbs as it grows. This new form of business life will absorb and transform most of pinnacle of business processes from individually structured business contracts into computer managed contractual tools in about five to ten years. It is called DeFi (Decentralised Finance). Our legal system (birthed in ancient Rome) and developed for 2000 years is the basis for smart contracts, which incorporate all the current financial contracts, that exist, plus a few that were not possible in the current system. The innovation is that all of this have been coded into a huge range of sophisticated “lego blocks” which can be cobbled together in a variety of innovative ways to do the business that expensive bankers, very expensive lawyers, MBA’s and accountants were previously required for. E.g. if I want to buy a house, I can get the seller to put it in an NFT ( Non Fungible Token), and then as I buy it I collateralize the NFT, go to the free broker YEARN and get it to find me the financier, who gives me the best interest rate, borrow the money, which is paid directly into the seller’s Blockchain wallet in the Crypto of his choosing!! Even better, YEARN will keep on looking for the best interest deal for me, and when it finds it, will automatically move my loan to the new “ institution”(if you can call the lender that). Both borrower and lender can do the same, and the lender can find someone to replace him, if he wants the money for something else!!! All at the drop of a hat!! Yearn is now at V3 (version 3) after 3 years, which is so sophisticated that I cannot even grasp what the purpose of the new version is!!

4. THE DARK UNDERBELLY was hidden away in the rise of the WEF (World Economic Forum), whose members are the 1000 of some of the wealthiest companies in the world and many of the top political figures in the world.

I met Klaus Schwab in 1993, when I accompanied a client who he awarded the title of “Ambassador of the Arts” for his contribution to Persian carpets as an art form. For three years thereafter I subscribed to “The World Link”, a magazine put out 10 times a year by WEF (Schwab).
(See the various excerpts from scraps I still have above!)

At that time the magazine was targeted to attract 333 333 of the world’s most powerful, wealthy and connected people (or something to that effect), by unabashedly stating that on the front page of each Magazine!

These members have now infiltrated many of the
key spots around the world. Suddenly the UN’s role has the possibility, using this cabal, of creating a new world government, which goal they are set on doing as quickly as possible. THE GREAT RESET or “Build Back Better” is their (diabolical) campaign.

4.1 Putin, who was one of their members broke away and wants to stop them in their tracks. It is starting to look as if he has a chance of succeeding, despite the terrible lies the members of the Davos cabal have added to their narrative, which most of the West is buying like sheep!

4.2 Martin Armstrong has been shouting at the top of his voice for a while, and his voice is becoming incredibly strident, to the point that many people are starting to realise that the mainstream media etc… narrative is tainted with WEF’s agenda,

4.2.1 which sadly includes significant population reduction. Bill Gates appears to lead this part of the agenda. Covid is now appearing as part of the population’s first arrow, shot in attempting the reduction.

4.2.2 and even more sadly riding on the tail of this the vaccination is another arrow to kill more of the population. Putin was aware that the Biden contingent was masterminding a range of bioweapons facilities in Ukraine, from where the plan was to launch a range of other diabolical pathogens, so he invaded to stop them, documenting what he found as he went along, but most importantly stopping the bio weapon development and manufacturing process in Ukraine.