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Will the ruble based on gold be the new standard?

When comparing the ruble to the dollar, you begin to see its relative stability as a potential standard.
March 31, 2022

I have been looking for a new standard, against which to measure things going up and down, and have realized that the US$ has been eroding against gold rather horribly, even with the FED trying it’s damndest to hold the price of gold down. If you look at the relative stability of the ruble over the last 2 years, and compare it to the US$ against gold, there is quite a different picture.

Look at the stability of the Ruble against gold over the last 10 years!

Now compare that to the US$ (most other currencies are about the same)

The part I cannot yet fully grasp, is the relationship between the ruble and a basket of other currencies. The ruble will stay at RUB155 500 to an oz of gold for the time being. Now that is backed by gold, so what are all the debt currencies going to do against the Ruble? I believe that they will fall a lot, specially the US$ and €. How far will they fall?

How much turbulence will there still be in Russia/Ukraine. When Gadafi tried to do this the US bombed them so mercilessly that the Libyans eventually killed Gadafi themselves to get the bombing to stop.

Cheney dreamed up Weapons of mass destruction, when Saddam Hussein tried it, and he not only lost his life, but Iraq was destroyed and it’s oil was stolen by the USA!