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The end of fiat money

At this stage of history, anyone with the slightest insight can see that the US$ and € are in VERY serious trouble.
March 29, 2022

At this stage of history, anyone with the slightest insight can see that the US$ and € are in VERY serious trouble. In addition, The WEF/Klaus Schwab or what I like to call the Davos crowd has built a group of people over 30 years (there are apparently now over 4000 of them) who are intent on taking over control of the parts of the world they can. They are just facing a major reversal because one of their inside men, Putin has broken ranks and may have the power and courage, to break up their amazing attempt at power grabbing. 

The EU has forfeited democracy for some kind of Autocracy that no one votes in. The whole basis of providing for old age has totally broken down in both Europe and USA, because of the laws that make it all heavily/or totally Bond dependant, will not be able to provide the funds needed in future, to pay the pensions. In Europe bonds now have negative yields, and in USA are running well below the 8% p.a. needed!!!

With Putin and China making serious adjustments from the Petrodollar to Rubles and Yuan as payment mechanism’s for oil/power, the end of the US$ is around the corner. There is so much debt coupled to both US$ and € that FIAT money is VERY unlikely to survive.

Here is information about PE ratios, dividend yields, prices and Quantative Easing (money creation):

Since 1996, dividend yields have been between 1.5 and 2%. The lowest PE ratios have been since 2000 are 20 and now are over 30. Before the GFC, they reached 122!!!!. Even at the bottom of the crash, they only went down to16?

My view about stock markets, is that they can be compared to casino’s, because the money supply has exploded from $1 trillion to 9 trillion over 20 years, with more than half of that happening since Covid. Too much money chasing too few shares. 

This must come to an end!!

In the middle of all of this Covid was launched to achieve three things:

  1. Use fear as a tool to get everyone to do whatever governments wanted to do with them using “Emergency powers” as the tool.
  2. Take mankind’s minds off the dreadful mess world finances are in, and focus on living.
  3. Allow governments to do anything they could to disguise the fact of the financial meltdown we were going through.

Now that the Davos crowd has effectively launched there GREAT RESET, or alternatively called Build Back Better, there has been a major gremlin added to the works, called Putin. He was a member of the club, who decided he did not like what they were doing, and knew that they had used Biden’s son to set up biolabs in the Ukraine to make people killing medicines (Covid). So Putin is busily collecting information and closing the labs down.

Of course Biden and his Davos crowd are panicking, so they ineptly closed down the business with Russia, not realising that the world is very dependent on a range of commodities Russia provides a lot of, which they now have to pay for in Rubles!!!

This will speed to demise of the US$!!