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Real Estate Purchase Opportunity via NFT Available

Fantastic offer

Do you want to own your own 3 bed duplex townhouse?

But you run your own business and do not qualify for a Mortgage loan/ you have a bad credit record!!

The rent keeps going up with inflation, and you cannot break out of this treadmill?

I have owned (and constantly upgraded) this lovely, quiet, mature, gardened eight unit duplex complex at 58A African street and 35 The Avenue, Orchards, for 25 years, and I want to sell these spacious units.

I am in the process of placing the 8 units each into their own NFT (non fungible token – this will live in Crypto space!!). Most people are uncertain/frightened/do not understand the Crypto market. They think it is risky/volatile etc….

Most NFT’s are used for computer gimmick’s, because the people who have designed them are computer geeks! But as clever property people are just starting to realise that this is a FANTASTIC WAY TO OWN SOME PROPERTY!

I am a free thinking, entrepreneurial CA, MBA with 40 years of cut and thrust business experience, and have always been 10 years ahead of the market with a range of new ideas.

NFT’s can be used to borrow money in the Crypto equivalent of the mortgage market. There are four main advantages to the formal South African (highly regulated) property market:

  1. interest rates available in the DeFi (decentralized Finance) crypto space are based on international trends, which means that they are lower than South African interest rates.

  2. The set-up costs in this paperless/no middleman space are mindbogglingly cheaper.

  3. The processes in Crypto space are also much faster than in the “real” world.

  4. DeFi space is also VERY flexible and FAST (compared to slow, expensive real world property transactions!).

A few years ago, I developed a rent with Option to Buy contract, which I suggest we sign up first, in which I will give you six months to establish that this is where you want to stay and buy. After that we can convert to the NFT buy deal.

The clinching factor of this offer, is that the base monthly rent payment. will most probably be more than enough to cover the “Crypto Bond” payment of 100% of the value.

It is unlikely that such an AMAZING offer exists ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE MARKET Rental price equating to the bond costs!!!!


The above extras apply to renters and owners. Only the owners must pay for Rates & Taxes. These charges are much lower than all sectional title units selling in the area.

Position of the complex

35A The overall position of the Complex, in Orchards, Johannesburg.

African street is about 1 km away from the Norwood mall, which includes the PnP Hypermarket. There is a well kept and used park for the children to play in, on the way to the mall. Two km up The Avenue is the Norwood restaurant “hub” with lots of amenities.

It takes about 5 minutes to access the N1 highway, and about 10 minute to get to Rosebank Mall and 7 minutes to Melrose Arch. The Norwood primary school is across the road.


There are 8 units in the complex. The main entrance is at 58A African street, with five garages leading directly onto The Avenue at 35. There are 8 shade port parkings and two carports at the 58A entrance, with enough parking for guests. The unit on the right in the second picture is 35A.

This is the path from the parking area to the 35A unit, with the second three unit block to the right of the picture. The picture below shows the three unit second block, and the last picture shows the shade ports and the main gate.

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Two bedroom loft unit – Orchards

R12164 / PM
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3 Bed Duplex Townhouse

R14,613 / PM
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