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Ray Dalio’s narrow corridor

The Narrow Corridor deals with balance between the power of the state needs and the power of civil society/the individual in order for freedom to exist. but it ignores economics, the third pillar of society.
April 4, 2022

The picture created in The Narrow Corridor shows that the power of the state needs to be constantly balanced by the power of civil society/the individual in order for freedom to exist. Once freedom is attained then innovation will follow, once individuals attain a state of self actualization!!

I wrote to Daron Acemoglu and told him that there is a third dimension to civilization, and that is the commercial leg, which Ray Dalio has written about here. Acemoglu (who is part of a high level working team at MIT) says that they are busily compiling a new book which will encompass the third dimension of society.

Perhaps they need to work with Dalio on that?!

I strongly recommend that you watch the video I have put on Telegram, because it is an in depth picture of our 2022 changing world order

The biggest and most often repeated question I am asked, is “how do I protect myself financially” and the answer is laid out in detail by Ray Dalio.

At present it looks as if the innovations coming out of the USA still lead the world, and I do not believe that the Chinese can possibly deliver the same kind of innovations, because “the narrow corridor” is not able to exist in a totalitarian state. So either the Chinese order must free itself up, or there will only be government driven innovation. We have already seen what ideologically driven city building (without any commercial intelligence) has almost (?) brought their budding empire to the brink of disaster before it takes over?