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Mankind’s wrong turn in evolution

For thousands of years, our ancestors learned how to observe nature and ensure that produce from nature was understood well enough to support mankind.
April 13, 2022

Presentation 26 July 2014

Manifold systems of making food in a huge variety of ways across all the traditional cultures, incorporating knowledge gained along the way had developed to a variety of levels in various cultures by the start of the Industrial Revolution.

At that point about 80% of humanity needed to be involved in the production of food, to survive.

One of the greatest material developments in Mankind’s history was the internal combustion engine, based on oil. This came about as man entered what Steiner calls the Consciousness soul development stage of his development, which started in the 1500’s. From 1760 on, due to coal and oil, for the first time man had huge amounts of energy at his disposal. Now he could really control and direct the physical world around him. Sadly this lead to the possibility of greedy people of intelligence being able to really exploit the natural world. Science and technology took off. Just over 260 years later we have a world with so many material improvements that it cannot be compared to the world before.

Today as little as 5% of mankind (in the Western world) is needed to produce all the food that we need. The real cost (out of the total income generally available in developed communities) of food has gone down and down. Of course the possibilities of most developed communities, have expanded beyond the wildest dreams of an average 17 Century Westerner!

Unfortunately, because of the development and use of machines in agriculture, and Agro Industry, the rhythms of nature have been tossed aside in favour of economies of scale associated with industry. The fertilizing of crops has likewise gone in a direction that required chemical fertilizers [from the same oil that drives the machines] to keep up with the pace of machines, which organic [the previous natural] farming methods appeared inadequate or too clumsy to handle.

One seeming improvement lead to another. Farms grew increasingly larger as did the machines. Technology was applied firstly to double the production of wheat through the development of new strain improvements and hybrids. Then all kinds of other material technologies made all sorts of other new and improved machines to enhance the production of crops. Eventually GMO crops were planted, with all kinds of financial oddities, greed mechanisms that we have not yet seen the worst of, and which will still end up very badly for mankind.

As the American prairies were fully farmed, America provided the food necessary for a huge growth in world population. The 18th century economist, Malthus was so far wrong in his predictions, that his concerns suddenly looked totally misconstrued.

Longer life, because of a whole range of health/cleanliness improvements by the newly developing health technologies drastically increased health and consequentially longevity in the aging populations.

Somewhere in the middle of all these huge changes the Western world lost sight of it’s roots. The society that spawned all the “CLEVERNESS” that created these lifestyle improving technologies, both agricultural and medical, also created a whole new range of possibilities because of the wealth that anyone could now amass. Courtesy of endless wealth generated by the rapid and ever increasing consumption of oil, American first, and then a great deal of the world could rather rapidly focus their lives on the god of money. The old religions largely succumbed to the mesmerising rush for the mighty dollar, and all the lovely creature comforts and benefits that it provided.

Somewhere in there real food that nourished the bodies of people was side lined, as food growers became more interested in profit than health. More clever technology, now focused on profit, increasingly focused on profit irrespective of the agencies (rather inconvenient for THE MONEYGRUBBERS) that were set up to ensure development was in mankind’s best interests. The money grubbers then developed a new set of skills to outmanoeuvre and short circuit these sensible rules, to the point today that none are immune to the ravages of greed and bribery. Moneymaking is the focus. Man’s health is secondary!

Anyway, medical developments have now arrived at the same kind of money grubbing from a totally different standpoint. Huge industries have been built to deal with all the ailments caused by all the poisons and additives put into our foods, to the point that virtually nothing remains of what mankind knew to be healthy 300 years ago.

I recently learned that the major financiers in the early 1900’s could not find any businesses to milk in the natural medicines market, so they decided not to train or support the training of any medicines except allopathic, because they could visualise the growth of the “pill” market as being a good financial idea! A 100 years later we have fantastic allopathic Pharmaceutical Industry making millions , partly because of the poisons and additives in our degraded food intakes!

We are now ready for a new phase of development. Fortunately for humanity, Rudolph Steiner developed a SUPER organic farming methodology just after the turn of the last century – BIODYNAMIC FARMING.

Biodynamics, has the possibility of really rolling back the hugely damaging work of Agro Industry (money grubbers) on the soils of our planet.

There is a dawning realisation, largely brought on by the escalating incidence of ill health – the front runners of which include diabetes, obesity and cancer, and the information coming out of the so called “ALTERNATIVE” health practitioners, that these conditions are a direct result of eating foods that are not fit for human consumption. Unfortunately the “POISONED” foods are on all the supermarket shelves, and at present, besides isolated pockets (one of which is right here in the Western Cape), which is a huge positive, there is virtually nowhere to buy truly wholesome foods!!

The other side of the equation is our digestive tract.

I think we have to start realizing that from mouth to anus is actually OUTSIDE our bodies, and our stomachs are bacteria fields, which break down foods for us into digestible loads, which are then absorbed through the walls of the small intestines. It appears that for the all the really beneficial bacteria, we need to eat the correct foods. If we load up on sugars [the very worst foods we can eat] the kinds of bacteria that “love” sugars will embue us with a craving for more sugar, as a result of what they secrete through the walls of our intestines and into our bodies!!

I believe we need to see yogurt, kamcha, kefir, original ginger ale, original beer as pre digested foods, easy for us to hand over to our stomach bacteria to digest for us. When we have built up a really good population of stomach bacteria, the natural processes in our bodies will have the ability to suppress virtually all illnesses, totally naturally.

When we take antibiotics, it can take our bodies up to 10 years to rebuild all the bacteria we need for good health!!

Starting at child birth, if our children are born by caesarean section, we have deprived them of one of the really important natural ways to have bacteria introduced into their digestive tracts. In the birth canal, there is a natural migration of bacteria from the anus of the mother into the mouth of the baby, which “kicks us off” in life. Mother’s milk also has bacteria in it, so breast milk is the main source of a baby’s first bacteria build up.