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Financial world on it’s head, resulting from Ukrainian war.

Atlas not only shrugged, but lost his globe in the process?
August 1, 2022

Atlas not only shrugged, but lost his globe in the process?

Because the US$ has been strengthening against a bundle of other currencies (Dollar index) this has distorted the REAL value of things. As I see it, in turbulent times, we need to find a stable “BASE” against which to measure. If the world reserve currency becomes unstable – basically it is challenged, then we need to find an appropriate new measure. The closest thing that is currently available is the Dollar Index. Strangely, in real terms the US$ is under huge strain, because of unpayable debt it is based on. However in times of war things get turned upside down, and that is what appears to be happening here, because the Euro is in fact in a far worse shape than the US$!! (see Russian oil price chart below).

Add to that the panic caused by the Russian war, which I believe is in reality (the veil behind the veil, behind the veil) the WEF “break away” Putin, challenging the WEF “great reset” agenda, fuelled by the Covid pandemic, which was in fact a “pandemic” (in the reality of statistics this is not even remotely close to the mildest definition of the word!!) manufactured in a bioweapons lab set up under the direction and funding of Fauci (using US funding), under the control of Biden’s son in Ukraine, under the direction of the WEF crew.

What a mouthful!! The circumstances, which five years ago I would have considered totally INSANE to even wildly consider, in my worst nightmare. Yet here I am seeing this as a real front running contender as being the truth of what we are facing!!!

Planned for over 40 years out of some kind of rich old boy’s club which seems to have originated in a prestigious US East coast university. The young Schwab was set up to create the basis of a new world order, but training up some of the brightest people available, to focus their lives on building mechanisms of management, at government level across the globe, building in all kinds of international bodies like WHO, the UN and EU. The many trainees who then ended up at the top of or near the top of governments in many countries, with the goal of pulling all of this together around 2030 into a democracy free world governing mechanism.

One of the key ingredients was to spice in a major fear mechanism, which was understood to be a major tool for using fear/panic to shift the paradigm’s of the masses. Gradually the media were bought out and then intimidated with either money (greed) or fear to produce a main stream narrative, which was and is controlled by the WEF and their lackeys.

Economic collapse (more fear) also helped the cause. Bill Gate’s major focus has been a major reduction of the population, which the others seem happy to go along with. I dare not say that the Covid vaccines were set up to be the major mechanism to deliver death!! This time (if it really is coming??) has not yet arrived. I am one of those who refuse to get vaccinated.

At a crucial time Putin pulled away from the WEF cartel. He knew of a range of Bio weapons labs in the Ukraine, chief among them were Migratory birds set up with chips, which could have pathogens attached to their legs, As they fly on their migration routes the tracking devices are programmed to release the pathogens on populations on their routes, at the press of buttons, precisely dropping their loads where they can do the biggest damage. This information has still not hit main stream media. Is it Fake news? Time will tell.

It appears that Putin has a treble agenda:

  1. Get rid of bio weapon pathogens, and close the labs down on Russia’s boarders.
  2. Annex the Russian portions of the Ukraine back into Mother Russia, where he believes they belong.
  3. Use crucial Russian exports (oil, gas minerals) as a weapon to financially weaken the West and strengthen the BRICS nations.

The world is totally intergrated and interdependent, that it is impossible to divide it into two non-interacting parts, without significantly hindering many aspects of the whole. At present it appears that the USA and Europe have been more negatively affected than the members of BRICS.


Putin’s plan was an excellent one, and I have updated the earlier lists to 30 July 22. The reality about gold purchases is nowhere to be found. I cannot believe that no one is taking advantage of the 29% discount for paying in gold!!

Please note that I have added the US$ Index column below, as well as the buying power effect that this has on the Ruble and on the price of oil, which effects the benefit in Rubles.

There is a lot of chatter about the UK slowing down it’s purchases of Russian gold, as part of sanctions.

There is a lot of information about sales of petrochemicals (oil, gas and coal). The best article I found was from Bloomberg

There are lots of details, but there are seven main issues:

  1. After a small immediate drop, and a loss of a small portion of European customers the take up of Russian petrochemicals is on the rise.
  2. India and China (and others?) are getting discounts on quoted prices.
  3. Russia is making more from it’s exports.
  4. There is no mention about difficulties of paying Russia. (and as I said above NOT A WORD ABOUT THE 29% GOLD DISCOUNT BEING OFFERED).
  5. The USA has made a major financial mistake, because BRICS now no longer do international transactions in US$ using Swift. This effectively means that Dollar hegemony is over!!
  6. The USA is now also scrambling all over the show to find the shortfall of oil it is suffering from, while paying more for its gas than it needed to and in the process burning bridges it may need in the future!!
  7. The overall financial result is that most of the Western world is moving into a recession

Here are some interesting charts from Bloomberg:

After all the huffing and puffing, and obviously some discounting, which I am sure incorporated some middleman profit taking, it is business as usual for the Russians.

Pity that this chart is not available for the 100 days before the invasion. If you look at the last chart, supplied by the Economist on 7th June 22, you will see that Europe has bought more from Russia than it did last year!!

Russian sales have increased overall by 7.5%

Add to that the fact that it has achieved a 60% higher price than last year, despite selling some of it’s product at a price 30% below International market prices.

Asia is now the largest buyer rising from 1 to 2 mill barrels a day. Europe has shrunk from 1.7 mb to 1.4mb.

The finacially stronger Europeans have reduced their purchases from 1.5 mb to 0.5 mb, while Italy has grown substantially (0.15 to 0.5) as has Turkey!!