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DR ROBERT MALONE – WEF driven lab manufactured Covid pandemic

In addition, either governments botched the management of the so called “pandemic” terribly, or it was part of the plan to destroy economies, and reduce populations.
April 19, 2022

Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy

Malone says MUSSOLINI defined Fascism as a blending of a fusion of interest of large government with large business.

In the amazing book “The Narrow corridor” the authors talk about the balance between the power of the state and the power of the people. I have written to the lead author, Daron Acemoglu and told him that they miss the third dimension in all societies, and that is the power of the economy/business. His response was that that they are very busy bringing out a new book which incorporates this factor – I await the book with great interest.

The Covid disaster certainly puts this abused power in very high relief!!

Malone believes the WEF has used all the power they can muster, by corrupting society’s communication mechanisms, using people of political and financial power. It looks as if WEF were involved in having the original Covid virus made in a lab, funded by the American government. Covid was first operational in September 2019, although the first outbreak was early in 2020!

Unfortunately big money/profit issues have lead to a significant conflict of interest by corrupting the individuals working for the three American health regulation agencies, considered by the world to be the “Gold” standard of regulation!! – CDC, NIH and FDC. Big Pharma now controls and directs those agencies. The net result over the Covid period, has been the withholding of vital damning information about the vaccinations, and allowing vaccines to be brought to market at WARP speeds which compromised the integrity of the regulation process where many corners were cut, resulting in a vaccine with known problems:

  1. The basic approach of a “one block for all”, was irresponsible. A detailed look at each age and health group would have shown that vaccines should have only focussed on high risk individuals.
  2. The threads of damage will extend to all three of America regulatory agencies, which means that they are unlikely to be trusted in the future!
  3. Both the economy and humanity are worse off as a result of unnecessary lockdowns, because we now know that more lives were lost, because of the total disregard by the agencies of all of the formulated “tried and tested methodologies” for health control and the world economies have suffered huge financial damage. (was this part of the WEF agenda?)
  4. The enforcement of the vaccines without Big Pharma carrying any liability is a seriously flawed outcome.
    1. I believe that if fraud can be proven, and there will be some cases where it can be, Big Pharma will be financially liable for the consequences, despite the government providing exemption from liability!

5 There have been many breaches of “informed consent rules”.

Not sure of legal consequences upon death, which I am sure will come out in the wash in the future.

Many American businesses and the Department of Defence (DOD) forced employees to vaccinate or lose their jobs. Many of the employees who ended up with health problems/death as a result, are now suing their employers. The DOD are trying desperately to settle out of court (by offering much less than it would cost them if they lose in court cases). They know that they are in for huge claims if this goes to court, and proves that their decisions were seriously flawed, and in violation of the law.

Malone said nothing about the vaccines being designed to kill people to reduce populations. From various other sources that I have been reading, this also appears to be a real issue!

I think I have picked up most of the crucial issues in this interview. These are my comments…….

If you want science, then this must be the clearest expose that I have seen. I strongly suggest that you listen to all 1:51 minutes of this video. It is clear, detailed, dispassionately presented, with core issues of a highly intelligent, DNA scientist, Robert Malone, standing in the centre of Washington American culture, whose life standards he states are INTEGRITY, DIGNITY and COMMUNITY, and he has sacrificed his high standing in Washington for those standards and humanity!? Or he has done a hell of a sales job on me!